Advising Council Updates

2018-19 Advising Council subgroup work

For the 2018-19 academic year, the Advising Council broke into groups to research, brainstorm, and draft recommendations for the Advising Council Executive Steering Committee and for Campus around issues related to advising. Recommendations will be shared with other campus bodies, including committees and working groups associated with the campus’ strategic plan implementation process.

The recommendations centered around these four themes:

  1. Student mental health issues: How can we better support advisors in responding to and referring students who present mental health issues?

  2. Supporting advisors in their lived experiences: How can we best support advisors? e.g. How can we support their career development, help them take care of themselves, and make recommendations for restructuring advisor time to give more opportunity for substantive advising as opposed to running reports and checking boxes, etc.

  3. Helping students integrate academic plans with career aspirations: How can advisors help students build pathways for graduate school, think about internships and plan for careers post-graduation?

  4. Academic and co-curricular advising collaboration: What kind of advising framework can simplify the advising experience for students?

2015 Advising Council Report

The Advising Council Progress Report from 2015 is intended to provide a brief overview of the collective efforts of Council-sponsored initiatives and programs. It also showcases some of the many exciting creative and innovative things that are happening in the advising community that represent our culture of excellence.