The Advising Council and Advising Council Executive Committee


UC Berkeley’s Advising Council Executive Committee and Advising Council are representative leadership bodies formed in 2012 to better coordinate advising in a highly decentralized environment and to improve the student experience of advising. 

The Advising Executive Committee meets quarterly and provides the strategic direction and campus-level vision for advising. The committee makes decisions concerning recommendations supporting excellence in advising that do not fall clearly under the purview of any other policy-making body. It also provides oversight for the campus-wide programs that support the development of a culture of excellence in advising.

The Advising Council Commitment to Excellence

The Council:

  • Identifies opportunities for improvement and collective strategic planning
  • Invests in the professional growth and development of advisors
  • Supports an active communications network designed to inform, engage and inspire the advising community
  • Incentivizes and rewards excellence and engagement
  • Supports assessment and program level effectiveness
  • Engages with and contributes to the wider advising community
  • Monitors the student experience of advising


The Advising Executive Committee is chaired by the Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education and includes the Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion, the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, the Dean of the Graduate Division, the Letters & Science Dean of Undergraduate Studies, and the Chair of the Committee on Educational Policy of the Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate.  The Associate Vice Chancellor for Admissions and Enrollment attends meetings of the Advising Executive Committee as a non-voting member. 

The Advising Council is chaired by the Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education and includes the L&S Dean of Undergraduate Studies, the Directors of Advising in the five undergraduate colleges and the Haas Undergraduate Program, the Associate Dean of Students, a representative designated by the Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion, a representative designated by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, a representative designated by the Dean of the Graduate Division, a representative designated by the Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education, four  faculty representatives from the Academic Senate, a  student representative from  the Graduate Assembly, a student representative from the ASUC.  In addition, the Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education may designate additional staff representatives as appropriate to ensure representation across the campus.  


Advising Council Executive Committee

Catherine P. Koshland
Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education

Maximilian Auffhammer
Chair, Academic Senate Committee on Educational Policy

Fiona Doyle
Dean of the Graduate Division

Bob Jacobsen
Dean of Undergraduate Studies
College of Letters & Science

Harry Le Grande
Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs

Na'ilah Suad Nasir
Vice Chancellor, Equity and Inclusion


Advising Council

Catherine P. Koshland 
Vice Chancellor, Undergraduate Education

Cindy Bumgarner
Chief of Staff, Undergraduate Education

Maura Daly
Advisor, College of Chemistry

Tom Devlin 
Director, Career Center

Sandrine Dudroit
Academic Senate Representative, Graduate Council

Ivor Emmanuel
Director, Berkeley International Office

Gary Firestone
Academic Senate Representative, Committee on Educational Policy

Roseanne Fong
Director, L&S Undergraduate Advising

Kristina Gacutan
Student Information Systems Replacement Project

Melanie Green
Communications Lead, Center for Teaching and Learning

Cruz Grimaldo
Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor, Financial

Susan Hagstrom
Director, Undergraduate Advising, College of Environmental Design

Mary Howell
Director of Advising and Policy, College of Engineering

Christopher Hunn
DAG Representative

Bob Jacobsen
Dean of Undergraduate Studies, College of Letters & Science

Julian Ledesma
Director, EOP/CE3 Associate Director

Chris McLean
Assistant Director, University Health Services, Counseling and Psychological Services

Fabrizio Mejia
CE3 Executive Director/Academic Counselor, Educational Opportunity Program

Karen Nielson
Director, Disable Students Program

Maura Nolan
Director, Berkeley Connect

Michele Rabkin
Associate Director, Berkeley Connect

Andrea Rex
Assistant Dean, Graduate Division

Chrissy Roth-Francis
Director, New Student Services

Kathleen Ryan
Academic Senate Representative, Undergraduate Council

Rebecca Sablo
Assistant Dean, College of Natural Resources

David Surratt
Associate Dean of Students, Student Affairs

Steve Sutton
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Office of Student Development

Derek Van Rheenen
Director, Athletic Study Center

Erika Walker
Executive Director, Haas Undergraduate Program

Elizabeth Wilcox
Senior Learning Consultant for Advising

Walter Wong