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Advisors play a key role in the student experience at UC Berkeley. This website is intended as a resource for the campus advising community and offers news, tools and information about advising and about the Advising Council. 

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This site is designed primarily as a resource for Berkeley advisors. Students seeking general advising information might want to visit College of Letters & Science Advising, or consult Resource, the official student handbook.

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"Never hesitate to reach out to a colleague with a question or concern.  Chances are he/she is likely to have had the same issue and can share a helpful tip to guide and support you."

Roseanne Fong
College of Letters &Science

Advising Council Releases First Progress Report


Offering a variety of workshops on specific topics, the program aims to expand core knowledge and skills, stimulate new thinking and approaches to advising, introduce new methods and tools, improve collaboration, and help advisors refine their advising values and philosophy.

Excellence in Advising Recipients Announced

On behalf of Vice Chancellor Koshland and the Advising Council we are pleased to announce our Excellence in Advising award recipients for 2015. 

Upcoming Events

Utilization-focused Approaches to Assessment Design in Advising 

February 23 | 9:00-11:00 am | Gold Room, Career Center