Advancing the Practice of Academic Advising

As part of an ongoing commitment to advising excellence, the Advising Council is launching a new professional development program for academic advisors entitled Advancing Practice. The program will offer a variety of workshops on select topics and will be facilitated by experts from within the advising community.

How Do You Welcome Students?

First impressions can make lasting impressions. With new students converging on campus for CalSO, there is no time like the present to think about how we open our spaces. We will be highlighting corners of campus in pictures throughout the summer. We start our tour with the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Advising Office.

EOP Interim Director, Julian Ledesma, stated that the Peer Academic Counselors and intake student staff came up with the idea since they felt that the “space embodied the feeling of family and wanted to represent that on this very visible wall.” Tons of pictures were sorted through to find those that represented ‘everyday life’ in the EOP office and their various events throughout the year rather just bring ones personally submitted by staff.

How do you greet your students?  Send Advising Matters your story and we will come take a photo.

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Advisors play a key role in the student experience at UC Berkeley. Through the Advising Council, an Operational Excellence project, UC Berkeley is working to enable an advising system that allows students to have a network of advisors serving them in an integrated way, and that offers advisors access to a network of information about campus advising and about students. The Advising Council is a coordinating body that develops shared policies, procedures, and practices to achieve advising excellence. 

This website is intended as a resource for the campus advising community and offers news, tools and information about advising at UC Berkeley and about the Advising Council. 

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This site is designed primarily as a resource for Berkeley advisors. Students seeking general advising information might want to visit College of Letters & Science Advising, or consult Resource, the official student handbook.