Advancing Practice Nationally Recognized

In its first year, UC Berkeley’s advisor training and professional development program, Advancing Practice, has made its mark on the national stage. Under the direction of Elizabeth Wilcox and and the curriculum design team, Maire Lanigan, Amber Dillon and Donna Vivar, the program has received the Certificate of Merit for Outstanding Advising Program from the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA). The program has already had wide impact on our advising community and culture and is currently serving as a model for others in the University of California system. Not only does the program impact the quality of our daily advising exchanges, it is helping to shape a new, more informed, vital, resourceful, responsive, and engaged advising community.

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The Cost of Caring: Understanding Burnout with Professor Christina Maslach

What is burnout syndrome? What are the sources of burnout? How does one handle or better yet, pvent burnout?

According to Professor Maslach: Burnout is a syndrome of emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and reduced personal accomplishment that can occur among individuals who do “people-work” of some kind. It is a response to the chronic emotional strain of dealing extensively with other human beings, particularly when they are troubled or having problems. Thus, it can be considered one type of job stress. Although it has some of the same deleterious effects as other stress responses, what is unique about burnout is that the stress arises from the social interaction between helper and recipient.

 -The Cost of Caring: Burnout, p. 2

On Tuesday, June 23rd from 9:00 -10:30 a.m., Professor Christina Maslach, a pioneering researcher on job burnout, will be addressing advisors in Sibley Auditorium as part of the Advancing Practice professional development program. This topic is especially relevant to advisors who, like many others in high-touch, helping professions are susceptible to burnout syndrome and compassion fatigue. This workshop will provide an overview of the six critical factors that contribute to burnout and will provide strategies for preventing burnout before it can take hold. Please join us for this special session. You can register for this event through the UC Learning Center at the BLU web portal: search for Advancing Practice – The Cost of Caring

Announcing A New Advisor Recognition Program

In an effort to reward and feature best practice, strengthen our community, and reinforce our shared standards of excellence, the Advising Council has endorsed a new recognition program for advisors to be initiated in Fall 2015. Two award categories are being introduced, individual and group. Individual awards will be given to a select group of outstanding “new advisors”, “advisors” and an “advising administrator, manager, faculty advisor or Dean”. A group award will also be given to an outstanding “advising team”. Awards will recognize advising excellence and creativity consistent with the Berkeley vision and guiding principles of advising. Our goal is to feature individual advising and advising programs that expand opportunities, promote achievement and success, discovery, progress, wellness and connectedness. Winners will be recognized at an annual event. Nominations can be made by students, managers, peers or be self-initiated. The call for nominations will be made during the month of October and announced through the Advising Matters website. Stay tuned for nomination materials.

What Does An Advisor Not Do?

We all know what advisors do. Or do we? They help students explore interests, navigate options and opportunities, connect with resources, plan, make decisions, and meet their unique goals. Right!?

Advising is informed by rich theoretical frameworks and a variety of methods and approaches. The advising role requires formal preparation and training and professional development is critical to ongoing success in a constantly challenging field. While there are many responsibilities attached to the practice of advising, from simple to complex, it can be important to remember what is at the heart of this many faceted role. In the following excerpt, Bob Jacobsen helps define the advisors role by examining not only what advisors do but what they don’t.

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Advisors play a key role in the student experience at UC Berkeley. Through the Advising Council, UC Berkeley is working to enable an advising system that allows students to have a network of advisors serving them in an integrated way, and that offers advisors access to a network of information about campus advising and about students. The Advising Council is a coordinating body that develops shared policies, procedures, and practices to achieve advising excellence. 

This website is intended as a resource for the campus advising community and offers news, tools and information about advising at UC Berkeley and about the Advising Council. 

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Upcoming Events

The Cost of Caring: Understanding Burnout with Professor Christina Maslach
June 23, 2015
9:00 - 10:30 am | Sibley Auditorium

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