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Berkeley is a place where greatness is nurtured and celebrated – including great advising. Read collective reflections on what great advisors do, know, value and produce and how you too can continue to develop your own special brand of awesomeness.

Upcoming Events

January 6 | 9:00 - 10:30 | 24 University Hall   

Advancing Practice- Life After Advising: Identifying Crossover Career Skills and Pathways

January 9 | 9:00 - 10:30 | 150 University Hall 

Advancing Practice-To Share and Share Alike: The Anatomy of an Awesome Note with Associate Campus Counsel David Robinson

Got 5 Minutes for Professional Development?

Introducing Take 5: 5 minutes, 5 insights, (in 5 career development areas) for 52 weeks; because workplace learning should be accessible, continuous, relevant and fun. 


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Advising Council Releases First Progress Report


Many advisors routinely receive notes of appreciation from the students they advise. Though each thank you note is treasured by its recipient and speaks to a unique interaction and relationship, when many notes are reviewed across the entire advising community, they speak to more than an individual connection. 

Evaluate Your Own Greatness

Learn about yourself and your advising practice.


Meet Berkeley advisors from all corners of the campus.


Offering a variety of workshops on specific topics, the program aims to expand core knowledge and skills, stimulate new thinking and approaches to advising, introduce new methods and tools, improve collaboration, and help advisors refine their advising values and philosophy.


Introducing the Advancing Practice Library

What happens to all the awesome information provided at our in-person Advancing Practice workshops? It now transfers to the Advancing Practice Library. Core information from key workshops in each of our five knowledge areas will now be available in a continually refreshed reference library. 


Student Questions?

This site is designed primarily as a resource for Berkeley advisors. Students seeking general advising information might want to visit College of Letters & Science Advising, or consult the Berkeley Academic Guide.