Fall 2017

Failure 101: When Dreams Seem Crushed with the Stanford Resilience Project

Adina Glickman and Alice Petty, Stanford University
August 1 |10:30-noon - Special Program | Banatao Auditorium, Sutardja Dai Hall

We Need to Talk: Courageous Conversations with Isela Pena-Rager, Bradley Jong and Dr. Jung Yi

August 9 | 9-10:30 am |150 University Hall

My Most Challenging Case, Facilitated by Associate Campus Counsel David M. Robinson

September 6 |10:30 am-noon | Banatao Auditorium, Sutardja Dai Hall

Please provide your most challenging cases for group discussion at this workshop to Elizabeth Wilcox ewilcox@berkeley.edu by September 1st.

Life After Advising: Portfolio Development with Emerald Templeton

September 13, 9:00-10:30 150 University Hall

Life After Advising: Improving Your LinkedIn Profile with Kimberly Cattarusa

(pending) September 20, 9:00-10:30 150 University Hall

The Promise of Berkeley: The Berkeley Underground Scholars Program with Violeta Alvarez and founder Danny Murillo

September 21 | 10:30am-noon | Banatao Auditorium, Sutardja Dai Hall

Cross-College Best Practice: Approaches to New Advisor On-boarding 

October 2 |10:30am-noon | Banatao Auditorium, Sutardja Dai Hall

Advising for Change with Paige Lee, Aaron Cohen and Alicia Mandac

October 10 | 9:00-10:30am | 150 University Hall

Business Process Analysis for Advisors with Kathy Mendonca and Delia Clark

October 17 |Special half-day program, 9:00am-noon |24 University Hall

Stay-tuned for more Life After Advising career mobility workshops (developing your LinkedIN profile, cover letter and portfolio development).

Navigating Power Differentials with Professor Maura Nolan


New Network Community Opportunities: Announcing a special opportunity - We are making time for advisor led workshops and discussion on current topics. If you have a ready-made workshop topic you would like discussed, or want to take on a facilitator or learning leader role, please contact Elizabeth Wilcox at ewilcox@berkeley.edu.

Summer 2017

Encore NACADA Region 9 Session: The Architect of Hope, Elizabeth Wilcox, Sr. Consultant for Advising

Friday, June 2 | 9:00-10:30 am | 150 University Hall

Research shows that hope is measurable, predictive of academic achievement and GPA, and (most importantly) it can be developed. It also indicates that hopelessness is related to a wide range of negative personal and educational outcomes. Join this session to better understand, through case study, how you can become an “architect of hope” by using backward design and divergent thinking to build agency and pathways. You’ll leave with a five step “hope toolbox” to help you harness the power of hope to transform.

What participants said about this workshop.

“My goodness this was a life changing talk, too many meaningful layers to count!”

 “Loved this session, powerful message of reminding us we are the hope for students.”

 “This is the best session I have attended at NACADA during the two years I attended. Honestly, got emotional during certain parts it was that empowering.”

 “Thank you for giving my favorite workshop of the conference! Very powerful and so needed in this current climate!”

“My life is different because of this presentation.” 

Life After Advising 2.0 - Core Career Skills Mapping (An Interactive Workshop)

Wednesday, June 7 | 9:00-10:30 am | 150 University Hall

In this interactive workshop we will help you identify transferable core skills (by looking carefully at your recent projects and assignments) and map these to employment sectors beyond advising. You will be able to see where you have strengths and where more development will be needed for career mobility.

Life After Advising: Resume Review (An Interactive Workshop)

Monday, June 19 | 9:00-10:30 am | 150 University Hall

Is your resume effectively skimmable? Does it use key words and phrases to describe your core skills and value added? Is it the right length? Are there skill, experience or education gaps? How could you fill these? Is it focused on the job you want instead of the job you have? Bring your current resume to this session and we will work to improve and streamline it together.

Spring 2017 Workshops

New Workshops

Life After Advising: Identifying Crossover Career Skills and Pathways

Friday, January 6 | 9:00-10:30 am | 24 University Hall

Joining this session are others who have successfully transitioned from advising to new campus roles including Noam Manor and Kira Blaisdale Sloan, Office of Planning and Analysis, Dana Jantz, COO Department of Plant and Microbial Biology and Andrea Lambert, Special Projects Administrator, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost.

Love advising but longing for a change? Believe it our not, you have many transferable skills to other roles in higher education and even other employment sectors. Join us to identify these crossover skills and abilities and take a long, hard look at what your options are for a career 180 or even a 360. This is your chance to get working on those career related New Year’s resolutions…

To Share and Share Alike: The Anatomy of an Awesome Note with Associate Campus Counsel David Robinson

Monday, January 9 | 9:30-10:30 am | 150 University Hall

What makes a great note in our new shared notes system? Let our Associate Campus Counsel David Robinson, master of all things legal and ethical, show you how.

Navigating Power Differentials with Professor Maura Nolan  (GSAOs this one’s for you!)

Time and Date TBD

Are you a GSAO interested in helping your students develop ideal faculty mentoring relationships? Are you an undergraduate advisor trying to help students build better faculty partnerships? Join us for a discussion of how you can help students better navigate our complex institutional and academic hierarchies with the founder of Berkeley Connect, Professor Maura Nolan.

The Benefits of Being Lost: Advising the Undecided Student with Elizabeth Wilcox

Tuesday, February 28 | 9:00 10:30 am | 150 University Hall

Undecided students often stress over choosing a major…when, in fact, there are many benefits to slow exploration and decision making. Join us for a discussion of the many benefits of being lost, confused, and afraid of that all-important academic decision – how to choose and stick with the right major.  New approaches for facilitating and guiding academic exploration will be reviewed.

Real Talk: When Personal and Professional Identities Collide facilitated by Omar Ramirez and Yuki Burton

Tuesday, March 7 | 9:00 - 10:30 am | Rm. 170 Wurster Hall

The reality is that we are in challenging times --- we are experiencing transitions globally, nationally, campus-wide and even on an individual basis. These transitions may lead to tensions that impact our work as advisors.  Oftentimes we are socialized to separate our personal and professional worlds. With the aim of normalizing and validating our experiences, this interactive workshop will offer participants the opportunity to turn their internal dialogue outward.  Through self-reflection, group discussion and a student/staff panel, participants will strengthen their network of support within our advising community.  Additionally, advisors will gain tools and strategies to support them in reconciling such tensions as we move towards creating professional spaces that affirm our intersectional experiences.

Student Development Theory 101 with Vice Chancellor Stephen Sutton

Monday, March 13 | 12:00 - 2:00 pm | 150 University Hall

New to student development theory or just need a re-fresh? This boot camp theory workshop is for you.

Stay Tuned...More Spring Workshops Coming Soon!












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