Council on Advising and Student Support

The Council on Advising and Student Support and Executive Committee


Council on Advising and Student Success Charge

The Council on Advising and Student Support (CASS) promotes the craft, quality, and consistency of student support across the undergraduate, graduate, and professional student experience. The Council:

  1. Works to ensure that our policies, systems, and practices support student access and success, and contribute to creating an equitable, inclusive, and anti-racist campus community.

  2. Coordinates sharing of knowledge and best practices for supporting students across divisions and academic departments.

  3. Champions a culture of care for staff who support students, cultivating their sense of belonging, wellness, professional recognition and growth.

  4. Establishes common expectations for the use of tools and resources for advising and academic support.

  5. Encourages innovation and multiple methods of service delivery as we envision the future of student-serving professions.


The membership of the Executive Committee for the Council on Advising and Student Support for 2021-2022 is:

  • Oliver M. O'Reilly (Co-Chair), interimVice Provost for Undergraduate Education
  • Lisa García Bedolla (Co-Chair), Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Dean of the Graduate Division
  • Susan Hagstrom, Manager, Advising Strategy & Training
  • Jenna Johnson-Hanks, Executive Dean, College of Letters & Science
  • Rick Kern, Chair, Undergraduate Council
  • Dania Matos, Vice Chancellor, Equity and Inclusion
  • Femi Ogundele, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Management and Dean of Undergraduate Admissions
  • Stephen C. Sutton, Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs

The Council on Advising and Student Support is co-chaired by the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and the Vice Provost for Graduate Studies & Dean of the Graduate Division, and includes directors and representatives from student service units across campus. Additionally, the Council on Advising and Student Support includes four faculty representatives as well as representatives from the Graduate Assembly and Associated Students of the University of California. Chairs may designate additional staff as appropriate.

Council on Advising and Student Support

Oliver O'Reilly 
Interim Vice Provost, Undergraduate Education

Lisa García Bedolla
Vice Provost for Graduate Studies & Dean of the Graduate Division

Kyra Abrams
ASUC Representative

Micki Antovich
Director, New Student Services

Sandra Bass, PhD
Associate Dean of Students and Director, Public Service Center

Susan Cass
Manager, Central Evaluation Unit

Derek Coates
Manager, Program Access Compliance, Office of Disability Access & Compliance

Maura Daly
Director of Undergraduate Student Services, College of Chemistry

Amber Dillon
NACADA Region 9 Representative

Joshua Dullaghan
Assistant Dean, College of Natural Resources 

Cassandra Dunn
Departmental Advisory Group (DAG) Representative

Ivor Emmanuel
Director, Berkeley International Office 

Barbara Felkins
Director of Academic Affairs, Haas Undergraduate Program

Roseanne Fong
Director, L&S Undergraduate Advising

Cruz Grimaldo
Assistant Vice Chancellor & Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Susan Hagstrom
Manager, Advising Strategy and Training

Sean Hendricks
Asst. Athletics Director, Leadership & Personal Development, Cameron Institute

Rosalind Johnson
Director of Enrollment, Equity & Success

Jenna Johnson-Hanks
Executive Dean, College of Letters & Science

Julian Ledesma
Executive Director, Centers for Educational Equity and Excellence (CE3)

Sunny Lee
Assistant Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students, Student Affairs

Jeret Lemontt
Director of Degrees, Graduate Division

Dania Matos
Vice Chancellor, Equity & Inclusion

Chris McLean
Assistant Director, University Health Services, Counseling and Psychological Services

Fabrizio Mejia
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Student Equity and Success

Sharon Mueller
Director of Advising and Policy, College of Engineering

Khuyen Nguyen
Executive Associate Director, Student Learning Center

Femi Ogundele
Associate Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Management and Dean of Undergraduate Admissions

Michele Rabkin
Associate Director, Berkeley Connect

Omar Ramirez
Director, Undergraduate Advising, College of Environmental Design 

Mark Sandberg
Academic Senate Representative, Graduate Council

Chris Stanich
Associate Vice Chancellor of Financial Planning & Analysis

Denzil Streete
Assistant Dean of Diversity, Graduate Division

Steve Sutton
Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs

Derek Van Rheenen
Director, Athletic Study Center

Jwalant Wadhwa
Graduate Assembly Representative

Steven Williams
Service Lead and Product Manager, Berkeley Online Advising

Andrea Wise
Associate Director, Public Service Center

Academic Senate Representative, Undergraduate Council

Representative, Centers for Centers for Educational Justice & Community Engagement

Staff support to the Council:

Sereeta Alexander
Director, Office of Planning and Analysis

Cindy Bumgarner
Chief of Staff, Undergraduate Education

Liza Schlosser-Olroyd
Communications Specialist, Research, Teaching, and Learning

Audrey Thomas
Institutional Research Analyst, VPUE/Office of Planning and Analysis

Anthony Yuen
Project/Policy Analyst, Undergraduate Education