Nourishing Our Selves

Opportunities for Self-Care & Community Care

As members of the Advising & Student Services Community at Berkeley, we spend much of our time supporting the academic, socioemotional, and psychological wellbeing of the student populations we serve as well as our peers and colleagues in the course of our day-to-day work. Our work is vital to ensuring the continued flourishing of our students and colleagues, while also requiring that we give much of ourselves in service of their wellbeing. Approaching our work from a place of sustainability over time means different things for each of us, but taking time to nourish ourselves so that we are not continuously supporting others while running on empty ourselves is a universal need in this service-oriented profession. 

In recognition of this need, the Advising Strategy + Training Program is working to create opportunities for our community to come together and fill up our own cups, in addition to curating resources for these kinds of offerings from across our campus. Below, you can explore several offerings and programs created to support our community. We are always looking for additional resources to include here, so email us with your ideas to be included on this page!

Mindfulness Mondays

Join Liza Schlosser-Olroyd for a little breather - a Monday Mindfulness Moment - at 12:10 p.m. As we continue working through unprecedented times in many ways, developing a mindfulness practice is a nourishing way to fill our cups back up and cultivate resilience over time. This is a chance to come together and share a mindful moment with one another before we take on the rest of our week. Hope to see you there! 

Add the Advising Strategy + Training Events Calendar to your bCal for Zoom information to join! 

Mindfulness Mondays are offered as part of the the Be Well at Work program from University Health Services.

Reset & Restore

Join Liza Schlosser-Olroyd at 3:30 p.m. on the first Friday of each month for a gentle, trauma-informed yoga practice designed to support your transition out of the work week and into a restorative weekend. Each session will focus on resetting our nervous systems, moving out of the hustle and grind of our weeks and into a more centered, grounded, and embodied space. This is a class for all bodies, and no experience with yoga is necessary to participate. 

Add the Advising Strategy + Training Events Calendar to your bCal for Zoom information to join! 

Please come to class five minutes early and have your yoga mat, a blanket or towel, and two yoga blocks (or big books, soup cans, etc.) available if these would be supportive for your practice. Wear comfortable clothes and come just as you are. I look forward to seeing you on the mat!

Be Well at Work from UHS

The Be Well at Work program from University Health Services offers a variety of programming designed to support the wellbeing of staff at Berkeley, including workshops focused on elder care, health & wellness, stress management, parenting, and financial wellness. Learn more and check out upcoming offerings here

Advancing Practice Workshop Recordings