Advising Fellows

Advising Fellows is a professional development program for experienced advising and student services staff designed to enhance their project management skills and contribute their expertise to the larger student services community. 

Fellows are recruited from all divisions that directly serve students and are selected to join a one-semester program, under the direction of the Manager of Advising Strategy and Training.

Program Structure

For the 2022-2023 academic year, Advising Fellows will run from October to the end of May.

Each Fellow will contribute to one or more projects. Project assignments will be determined through discussion with the Fellow, their home department, and the Manager of Advising Strategy and Training. To ensure clear expectations, a final work agreement will be signed early in the program.


  • Contribute approximately 10-15 hours per month, depending on the project.
  • Attend bi-monthly cohort meetings (tentatively every other Friday from 10-11:30), and project team meetings as needed.
  • Lead or co-lead one larger project (see Sample Advising Fellows Projects below).
  • Complete one smaller activity from a menu of options (see Sample Advising Fellows Projects below).
  • Facilitate one check-in activity at an Advising Fellows all-team meeting.
  • Participate in an informational interview with another Advising Fellow.
  • Complete a Statement of Advising Philosophy by the end of the program.
  • Complete an Advising Fellows program evaluation.
  • Assist with recruitment, selection, orientation, and onboarding of the next cohort.

Benefits of Participation

  • Contribute ideas and knowledge to develop a more inclusive environment for the advising and student services community.
  • Improve technical, project management, facilitation, and leadership skills by completing structured projects (specific skills gained depend upon assigned project).

  • Build repertoire of team-building tools and activities.

  • Bring ideas, skills, tools, and connections back to home department.

  • Improve pedagogical and assessment skills by participating in the instructional design of professional development programs (depends upon assigned project).

  • Forge a stronger network and sense of community by connecting with other colleagues in the Fellows cohort and across campus. 

  • Gain a deeper understanding of larger campus student services structure and resources.


Fellows ideally come from a wide variety of campus divisions, such as schools and colleges, Student Affairs, Equity & Inclusion, University Extension, and others. We welcome applications from staff who work with pre-collegiate, undergraduate, graduate, professional, and visiting students.

Minimum Requirements

  • 2 years of student services experience, including 1 year minimum at UC Berkeley.
  • Ability to make a one semester commitment of approximately 10-15 hours per month, with possibility of continuation in future terms.
  • Permission from supervisor. 

Desired Qualities

  • Demonstrated commitment to improving the Berkeley student and staff experience.
  • Desire to serve as a consultant to the Manager of Advising, Strategy, and Training.
  • Holistic, equity-oriented, strengths-based approach to student services.
  • Demonstrated initiative and ability to work independently, as well as with a team.
  • Desire to learn, grow, and contribute as a professional.

Application Process

Six to ten Fellows may be selected depending on project interest/match. Fellows may work on more than one project. A single project may also have more than one Fellow assigned. 

  1. Submit application by deadline, including resume. Candidates must secure pre-approval from their supervisor to apply.
  2. Finalist interviews will be held in September.
  3. Selection of Fellows and assignment of projects will be finalized in early October. 
  4. Written agreements will be signed in late September/early October.

Sample Advising Fellow Projects

  • Peer Support Network: Continue with relaunch of Peer Support Network (formerly Peer Advising Network). Develop a plan for sustainability of the Network. Develop content for a website to connect the community and provide peer advising/counseling/mentoring/ambassador resources.
  • Community of Care Programming: Explore, research, plan and host meaningful community care approaches for advising and student services. Depending on the interest of the Fellow, as well as what is discovered during the exploration and research phase, this could include workshops (i.e. The Sweet Spot:  Building a Campus Culture That Supports Both Students & Staff) Advancing Practice session, support group, book club, large events, new work practices, mindfulness activities, art, exercise groups, and more.  
  • Advancing Practice workshops: Identify relevant professional development workshop topics, invite presenters, coordinate and host, and evaluate.
  • Advancing Practice Certificate Program: Assist with certificate program administration, mentor cohorts of participants. Depending on interest, may participate in facilitation of Advising Philosophy statement workshop.
  • Advising Circles: Choose topics and facilitate discussion of small brainstorming cohorts. 
  • Advising and Student Services Awards: Participate in campus-wide planning committee, help shape award criteria, review nominations, help plan awards event. 

Additional Activities Menu (complete one, in consultation with Manager of Advising Strategy and Training):

  • Facilitate an Advising Circle.

  • Host an Advancing Practice workshop.

  • Create/oversee an Advancing Practice workshop.

  • Teach or co-teach the Fellows one tool/exercise at an Advising Fellows all-team meeting.

  • Provide feedback on the Advising Matters website as requested/needed.

  • Invite and host a guest speaker at a Friday Fellows’ meeting.

  • Additional activities TBD and can be suggested.

Additionally, fellows will have the opportunity to offer input on the Advising Matters newsletter and website content, as well as to participate in other emerging projects and needs of the student services community.


For supervisors who want to support professional development and the larger campus vision, Advising Fellows is a no-cost program that allows staff to develop skills in project management, while also providing an opportunity for professional networking.

To ensure transparency and alignment, supervisors will be asked to sign an agreement that outlines the fellow’s project, tasks, and commitment. The time commitment from fellows will be approximately 10 hours per month. 

Supervisors are encouraged to discuss the Advising Fellows program and workload adjustments with their staff. Participation in the program makes an excellent Achieve Together goal. If you have any questions about your staff’s involvement in the program, please feel free to email