Advancing Practice

Spring 2020 - All Spring programs are offered via Zoom

(Zoom link is available in event descriptions on bCal)

Student Services Socials: Community & Connection in the Era of Social Distancing

Bring your own coffee and donuts, your kids, and your pets. Meet new colleagues, reduce isolation, share ideas, and have fun! Special outfits are highly encouraged but not required. Competency areas: Relational and Personal.

Thursday, March 26, 10-11:00am Co-hosted by Isela Peña-Rager (L&S Advising) and Marissa Reynoso (LEAD Center).

Tuesday, March 31, 2-3:00pm Co-hosted by Anay Martinez (L&S Advising) and Jenny Cornet-Carrillo (Berkeley International Study Program).

Thursday, April 9, 10-11:00am Co-hosted by Tim Cahill (L&S Advising) and Al Day (Dean of Students office). RSVP.

Tuesday, April 14, 2-3:00pm Co-hosted by Jessie Rosales (L&S Advising) and Alberto Ledesma (Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity--Division of Arts and Humanities). RSVP.

Thursday, April 23, 10-11:00am Co-hosted by Amy Azuma (L&S Advising) and Meredith McCall (Athletic Study Center). RSVP.

Tuesday, April 28, 2-3:00pm Co-hosted by Ken Mahru (English Dept grad advising) and Lauren Cooper (UC Berkeley Extension International Programs). RSVP.


SP20 Undergraduate Grading Option Policy Updates

Wednesday, April 8, 10-11:00am RSVP.
Presenters: Rebecca Sablo (Associate Registrar), Susan Hagstrom (Manager of Advising Strategy and Training), Susan Cass (Manager, Central Evaluation Unit), and additional OR staff.

Please join us for a presentation about the spring semester grading option policy developed in response to COVID-19 and how this policy impacts other policies, procedures, and systems across campus. We will review decisions that have been made thus far and document any issues that still need follow-up. 

Note that the information shared during this session will be geared towards student services staff working with undergraduate students. The session will be recorded. Competency areas: Informational.

Summer Sessions & Study Abroad Updates 

Monday, April 13, 10-11:00am. RSVP.

Please join us for an update on summer session and study abroad programs. The following presenters will be available to answer your questions:

  • Rick Russo, Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean, Summer Sessions, Study Abroad & Lifelong Learning
  • Amber Dillon, International Academic Specialist & Dual Degree Programs Coordinator 
  • Barbara Tassielli, Assistant Director of Advising - Independent Programs
  • Deb Scher, Project Analyst
  • Jess Bauer, Deputy Director of Summer Sessions
  • Justin Oliver, New Student and Pre-College Programs Administrator
  • Michelle Dylla, Student Services Supervisor

The session will be recorded. Competency areas: Informational.


Friday, April 17, 10-11:00am. RSVP.
Does any of the following sound familiar? You were navigating all of the logistics of working remotely and supporting students virtually when suddenly.... you became responsible for 24/7 childcare and managing your kids' education as well. Now you are trying to meet with students on-line and participate in Zoom meetings while SIMULTANEOUSLY feeding your kids lunch, handling screaming babies, breaking up fights, and/or overseeing home schooling. 

Are you tearing your hair out yet?? Would you like to connect with others in our student services community who can relate? Join this one-hour session to take a break, check-in, and share your tips and tricks for managing this new reality. Competency areas: Relational and Personal.

Social Change Roles in Times of Crisis, a Virtual Reflection with Deepa Iyer, Center for Social Inclusion. 

Tuesday, April 21, 10-11:00am. RSVP.

Social change occurs within an ecosystem of actors taking on various roles. In times of crisis we may find ourselves taking on familiar roles or being called to step into new ones. This conversation, guided by a model developed by Deepa Iyer, at the Center for Social Inclusion, will provide an opportunity to reflect on where we are with regards to "acting" in this moment, share the various social change roles that typically exist within the larger ecosystem of people working towards justice, equity, and inclusion, and discuss how we might stretch and grow in this moment. Competency areas: ConceptualRelational and Personal.

Co-sponsored by the Public Service Center.


Past SP20 Workshops:

COVID-19: Supporting Ourselves and Our Students. Link to workshop video.

Monday, March 30, 10-11:00am

Workshop Presenter: Aaron S. Cohen, PhD, Counseling and Psychological Services

Please join CAPS Psychologist Dr. Aaron Cohen for this webinar and discussion. Let’s join together as a community to think about how we can help our students and take care of ourselves during these unprecedented times. Competency areas: Relational and Personal.

Best Practices for the COVID-19 Era: Paperless Advising in Data Science. Link to workshop video.

Thursday, April 2, 10-11:00am

Workshop Presenters: Director of Advising Laura Imai and Advisor Marjorie Ensor

When the new Data Science major was approved in 2018, an advising team was brought on board to serve a large and diverse student population with no existing advising services in place. At the onset, the Data Science Advising team made a commitment to capitalize on this opportunity by implementing (and in many cases innovating and streamlining established practices) policies and procedures to better serve new majors. 

By taking advantage of existing tools in Google Suite, we were able to implement fully online procedures without any technical expertise, software development or membership fees. In this online webinar, we will share some of the lessons learned from setting up a paperless office, and walk through how we use Google Suite to manage the following procedures:

  • an online student declaration process for the major and minor, including double majors and simultaneous degrees

  • an online student petition process for course substitution/exception requests

  • an online drop-in advising queue for students to sign up for same-day advising

Please join us and learn how these tools and procedures might work for you in today's virtual advising environment!  Competency areas: Technological, Informational.

Career Planning Strategies to Support Students During COVID-19. Link to workshop video.

Monday, April 6, 10-11:00am

Join Larry Jackson and Santina Pitcher from the Career Center to learn about resources and strategies to share with your students who are looking for internships, jobs, and/or applying to grad schools. We'll also provide a link to an indexed resource that you can bookmark and reference in your own conversations. Competency areas: Informational.


Fall 2018

10/5 Friday 

competency area: Conceptual and Personal

2:30 - 3:15 pm Shape Shifter: Adaptability and the Future of Advising with Elizabeth Wilcox  

3:30 - 5:00 pm The Future of Advising, a PechaKucha featuring 

     Isela Pena-Rager - Advising as a Profession

     Chetan Chowdhry - Advising and Teaching & Learning

     Elizabeth Storer - Advising, Social Media & other New Platforms

     Omar Ramirez - Advising as Transformative

     Amy Azuma - Advisors as Thought Leaders

     Zachary Chestnut - Advising and Assessment

     Heidi Church - Advising and Technology

     Closing: Fast Forwarding the Future

 Social to follow at the Bair's Lair

 If you are able, prep for this session by reading this article Envisioning the Future

10/19 Friday 

competency area: Relational

2:30 - 3:30 Fraud Alert: Identifying and Addressing Impostor Syndrome with Amy Honigman, Sr. Clinical Psychologist, Counseling and Psychological Services with an Introduction by Margie Winn 

3:45 - 4: 45 The College of Wellness with Ricky Vides

11/1  Thursday 

competency area: Informational and Relational

2:30 - 3:00 pm All Things Financial: An Update from Financial Aid with Cruz Grimaldo and Nicole Hill 

Best of the Best: Encore Performance of the NACADA Region 9 Best of Conference Presentation

3:15 - 4:30 Minor Setback for a Major Comeback: Rising Strong Above Academic Probation with B. Yuki Burton, Angel Klyce and Miguel Eamiguel 

Social to follow at the Bair's Lair

11/30 Friday 

competency area: Conceptual and Relational

3:00 - 3:30 Disruptive Advising & the e-portfolio with Elizabeth Wilcox

3:45 - 4:45 The Inflexible Student with Elizabeth Wilcox 

 Save the date 12/12 for our end of the year celebration and awards ceremony

Summer 2018

# Do You Follow? Meaningful Communication Strategies Through Modern Technologies with Elizabeth Storer and Kimberly Cattarusa

Techno-Advising: Reach, Simplify & Expand with Diana Lizarraga

Cal Answers Data Activism: Using Student Data to Plan & Influence with Sereeta Alexander, Noam Manor, & Andrew Eppig

Spring 2018

Body, Mind & Heart: A Learning & Wellness Event Especially for you on Valentines Day

February 14, 2018 Seaborg Room, Faculty Club

A Multiple Competencies Event (Institutional, Conceptual, Personal)

2:00-2:30 Supporting Pre-Health Students: New Advising Resources (I)

Santina Pitcher, Assistant Director Counseling & Programs, Career Center & Carina Galicia, Assistant Director or Student Services, Biosciences Divisional Services

Much work is being done to create new and better resources for our pre-health students. Santina and Carina will provide a comprehensive overview of the many new tools they are creating to help our lower division students find their way toward pre-health majors and beyond.

2:30-3:00 Neurovisor: How Brain Science Can Improve Your Advising (C)

Elizabeth Wilcox, Sr. Consultant for Advising

Advances in brain science are shedding new light on best conditions for learning. Join this session to find out how you can adapt your advising to help reinforce these important conditions when you interact with students.

3:00-4:30 Getting to the Heart of the Matter: An Opportunity to Rejuvenate through Inward Focus (P)

An experiential workshop led by Alicia Mandac, College Adviser, College of Letters and Science (and almost certified Yoga Instructor) that focuses on caring for ourselves from the inside out. Learn how tuning into our mind, bodies, and spirit can allow us to show up for our students and those we care for. This workshop involves some light physical movement, please wear comfortable clothes.

4:30-6:00 p.m. Networking and Social (with hey, what else? Cookies & bubbly)

(We will also be doing an early demo of our new onboarding and resource library for advisors new to the UC Berkeley campus – NewBE at the social. Trust us – You’re going to love it!)


November 17 - End of the Semester Special Event - NACADA Best of the Best with Jazzie Murphy and Christina Teller with social to follow

Fall 2017

Failure 101: When Dreams Seem Crushed with the Stanford Resilience Project

Adina Glickman and Alice Petty, Stanford University
August 1 |10:30-noon - Special Program | Banatao Auditorium, Sutardja Dai Hall

Failure, though we try at all costs to avoid it, is actually essential to learning, growth and discovery. Adina and Alice will be leading this interactive session to help us help ourselves and others grow from  setbacks and bounce back with grace and dignity.

We Need to Talk: Courageous Conversations with Isela Pena-Rager, Bradley Jong and Dr. Jung Yi

August 9 | 9-10:30 am |150 University Hall

Ever had a difficult conversation with a student? If you're part of the Cal advising community, the answer is mostly likely "Yes!" 

The We Need to Talk team has been offering workshops for staff and faculty based on the culturally-affirming Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) approach to focus on how each of us respond to students during challenging exchanges and unexpected events. Advisors will practice how to use a CBT thought record to increase awareness of their automatic (and completely normal) negative thoughts and become increasingly skillful at offering themselves more balanced thoughts that can lead to more helpful actions. 

My Most Challenging Case, Facilitated by Associate Campus Counsel David M. Robinson

September 6 |10:30 am-noon | Banatao Auditorium, Sutardja Dai Hall

Inflexible, angry, resistant, dependent, unsure, hostile, seeking or possibly unsafe? Sound like a challenging case you've had recently? Join us for this workshop where we will apply "group-think" to approaching some really complicated and delicate "real" cases. We will review our legal and ethical responsibilities and discuss how you can create and extend the critical support networks you need to handle the unexpected. 

Please provide your most challenging cases for group discussion at this workshop to Elizabeth Wilcox by September 1st.

Life After Advising: Portfolio Development with Emerald Templeton

September 13, 9:00-10:30 150 University Hall

It's not just about your resume and LinkedIn profile anymore. Professional porfolios are becoming more common and can help set you apart during performance evaluations and during your next job search. Emerald will help you get yours started.

Life After Advising: Improving Your LinkedIn Profile with Kimberly Cattarusa

September 20, 9:00-10:30 150 University Hall

Know the difference between a resume and LinkIn profile? Kim will give you insider knowledge on how to create a memorable profile with maximum professional benefit.

The Promise of Berkeley: The Berkeley Underground Scholars Program with Violeta Alvarez and founder Danny Murillo

September 21 | 10:30am-noon | Banatao Auditorium, Sutardja Dai Hall

The Underground Scholars creates a pathway for formerly incarcerated and system impacted individuals into higher education. We are building a prison-to-school pipeline through recruitment, retention, and advocacy. Our continued success directly challenges the stigmas associated with our population. Get to know us...

Cross-College Best Practice: Approaches to New Advisor On-boarding 

October 2 | Please note - Time and location change - 9:00-10:30am - 24 University Hall

Join us as we unveil our new on-boarding program for incoming advisors. Also, hear about how this program will compliment existing "best practice" training and on-boarding approaches in the Schools and Colleges.

Advising for Change with Paige Lee, Aaron Cohen and Alicia Mandac

October 10 | 9:00-10:30am | 150 University Hall

Students often need to change behaviors and ways of thinking in order to perform their best. Join this dynamic team to understand how you can coach students through challenges and tough transitions. Many techniques used in motivational interviewing can also be applied to advising settings. Join us to find out how through case study and in-session practice.

Business Process Analysis for Advisors with Kathy Mendonca and Delia Clark

October 17 |Special half-day program, 9:00am-noon |24 University Hall

Stay-tuned for more Life After Advising career mobility workshops (developing your LinkedIN profile, cover letter and portfolio development).

Did SIS throw your processes for a loop? Delia and Kathy will help you address this disruption by introducing you to the basics of process analysis. With the tips and tools they provide you should be able to streamline and strengthen many of your core administrative functions. 

Navigating Power Differentials with Professor Maura Nolan


New Network Community Opportunities: Announcing a special opportunity - We are making time for advisor led workshops and discussion on current topics. If you have a ready-made workshop topic you would like discussed, or want to take on a facilitator or learning leader role, please contact Elizabeth Wilcox at

Summer 2017

Encore NACADA Region 9 Session: The Architect of Hope, Elizabeth Wilcox, Sr. Consultant for Advising

Friday, June 2 | 9:00-10:30 am | 150 University Hall

Research shows that hope is measurable, predictive of academic achievement and GPA, and (most importantly) it can be developed. It also indicates that hopelessness is related to a wide range of negative personal and educational outcomes. Join this session to better understand, through case study, how you can become an “architect of hope” by using backward design and divergent thinking to build agency and pathways. You’ll leave with a five step “hope toolbox” to help you harness the power of hope to transform.

What participants said about this workshop.

“My goodness this was a life changing talk, too many meaningful layers to count!”

 “Loved this session, powerful message of reminding us we are the hope for students.”

 “This is the best session I have attended at NACADA during the two years I attended. Honestly, got emotional during certain parts it was that empowering.”

 “Thank you for giving my favorite workshop of the conference! Very powerful and so needed in this current climate!”

“My life is different because of this presentation.” 

Life After Advising 2.0 - Core Career Skills Mapping (An Interactive Workshop)

Wednesday, June 7 | 9:00-10:30 am | 150 University Hall

In this interactive workshop we will help you identify transferable core skills (by looking carefully at your recent projects and assignments) and map these to employment sectors beyond advising. You will be able to see where you have strengths and where more development will be needed for career mobility.

Life After Advising: Resume Review (An Interactive Workshop)

Monday, June 19 | 9:00-10:30 am | 150 University Hall

Is your resume effectively skimmable? Does it use key words and phrases to describe your core skills and value added? Is it the right length? Are there skill, experience or education gaps? How could you fill these? Is it focused on the job you want instead of the job you have? Bring your current resume to this session and we will work to improve and streamline it together.

Spring 2017 Workshops

New Workshops

Life After Advising: Identifying Crossover Career Skills and Pathways

Friday, January 6 | 9:00-10:30 am | 24 University Hall

Joining this session are others who have successfully transitioned from advising to new campus roles including Noam Manor and Kira Blaisdale Sloan, Office of Planning and Analysis, Dana Jantz, COO Department of Plant and Microbial Biology and Andrea Lambert, Special Projects Administrator, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost.

Love advising but longing for a change? Believe it our not, you have many transferable skills to other roles in higher education and even other employment sectors. Join us to identify these crossover skills and abilities and take a long, hard look at what your options are for a career 180 or even a 360. This is your chance to get working on those career related New Year’s resolutions…

To Share and Share Alike: The Anatomy of an Awesome Note with Associate Campus Counsel David Robinson

Monday, January 9 | 9:30-10:30 am | 150 University Hall

What makes a great note in our new shared notes system? Let our Associate Campus Counsel David Robinson, master of all things legal and ethical, show you how.

Navigating Power Differentials with Professor Maura Nolan  (GSAOs this one’s for you!)

Time and Date TBD

Are you a GSAO interested in helping your students develop ideal faculty mentoring relationships? Are you an undergraduate advisor trying to help students build better faculty partnerships? Join us for a discussion of how you can help students better navigate our complex institutional and academic hierarchies with the founder of Berkeley Connect, Professor Maura Nolan.

The Benefits of Being Lost: Advising the Undecided Student with Elizabeth Wilcox

Tuesday, February 28 | 9:00 10:30 am | 150 University Hall

Undecided students often stress over choosing a major…when, in fact, there are many benefits to slow exploration and decision making. Join us for a discussion of the many benefits of being lost, confused, and afraid of that all-important academic decision – how to choose and stick with the right major.  New approaches for facilitating and guiding academic exploration will be reviewed.

Real Talk: When Personal and Professional Identities Collide facilitated by Omar Ramirez and Yuki Burton

Tuesday, March 7 | 9:00 - 10:30 am | Rm. 170 Wurster Hall

The reality is that we are in challenging times --- we are experiencing transitions globally, nationally, campus-wide and even on an individual basis. These transitions may lead to tensions that impact our work as advisors.  Oftentimes we are socialized to separate our personal and professional worlds. With the aim of normalizing and validating our experiences, this interactive workshop will offer participants the opportunity to turn their internal dialogue outward.  Through self-reflection, group discussion and a student/staff panel, participants will strengthen their network of support within our advising community.  Additionally, advisors will gain tools and strategies to support them in reconciling such tensions as we move towards creating professional spaces that affirm our intersectional experiences.

Student Development Theory 101 with Vice Chancellor Stephen Sutton

Monday, March 13 | 12:00 - 2:00 pm | 150 University Hall

New to student development theory or just need a re-fresh? This boot camp theory workshop is for you.

Stay Tuned...More Spring Workshops Coming Soon!












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