Jenny Cornet-Carrillo

NACADA hosts a two-year Emerging Leaders Program and Jenny Cornet-Carrillo from the Sociology department has now joined its ranks.  Read her goals below.

The Emerging Leaders Program by Jenny Cornet-Carrillo

The Emerging Leader Program is designed to help build the leadership and participation of underrepresented groups within NACADA. During this two year program, I am paired with a NACADA mentor to help connect me to areas within NACADA that I want to present on, be actively involved in, or be a leader with. My goals for the two-year program are primarily in three areas: involvement in the national organization, in the region, and in specific interest areas that I have. Along with this, I will of course be working with other leaders on campus to build a stronger connection between NACADA and the UC Berkeley advising community. If there is anyone who wants to talk about ways to get involved or to get further involved in NACADA, please feel free to email me!

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