April 2014 - March 2016 Curriculum Archive

Conceptual – Conceptual and Theoretical Foundations of Advising


  • Best Self-Forward: An Introduction to Strengths Based Advising (Wilcox, Storer, Lee)
  • Best Planning Session Ever: A Pre-CalSO Workshop (Krechel, Wilcox)
  • Best Future Forward: Career Advising Basics (Pitcher, Racklin)


  • Going Gets Tough: New Approaches to Working with Students in Academic Difficulty (Peng, Hunn, Allen)
  • Trans: Gender Identity Inclusion (Boyce)
  • Complex Selves: Understanding Independent and Interdependent Identities with Professor Serena Chen
  • Realizing the Promise of Berkeley: The First Generation Low Income Student Experience (Ledesma and student panelists)
  • Advising Transfer Students: Building a Transfer Receptive Culture (Valdez, Bookstein and student panelists)
  • Understanding Stereotype Threat with Professor Rudy Mendoza Denton
  • Intercultural Communication and Sensitivity (Griggs)
  • Advising Millennials and High Achievers (Wilcox)

Student Development

  • Learning Centered Advising (Wilcox, Freishtat)
  • Advising for High Impact Learning Opportunities (Schwartz, Burns, Carroll, Oey, Rabkin)
  • Supporting Students in Transition: Schlossberg’s Transition Theory (Wilcox)

Informational – Institution Specific Knowledge of Programs, Policy, Procedure and Resources

  • Sexual Violence Prevention and Response: What Every Advisor Needs to Know (Oldham, Knuth-Bouracee)
  • An Ethics and Boundaries Forum for Advisors with Associate Campus Counsel David M. Robinson
  • Financial Aid Basics-Understanding Satisfactory Academic Progress Regulations (Marquez, Mejia, Lee)
  • Managing Withdrawal: Our Shared Advising Responsibilities (Ledesma, Mejia)
  • Let’s Talk Privacy: A Conversation about FERPA with Associate Campus Counsel David M. Robinson

Relational – Interpersonal Communication Skills: Building the Rapport Needed to Facilitate the Advising Process

  • Who Said Emotions Don’t Matter?!: The Practice of Emotion-Focused Therapy in Academic Counseling (Burton)
  • Scanning for Wellness: Assessment and Referral Strategies for Advisors (Lee, Cohen)
  • The Resilience Project: Developing Resilience in Students and Ourselves with Adina Glickman

Technological – Student Systems and Technological Resources

  • Student Information Systems Replacement Update: How SIS Will Change Advising (SIS Team)
  • Techno-Advising: Innovative Advising Resources (Lizarraga)
  • Using Technology and Social Media in Advising (Hunn)

Personal – Critical Analysis and Self-Assessment of the Advising Practice

  • Understanding Burnout with Professor Christina Maslach
  • Best Advisor Forward: Identifying, Affirming and Developing Your Professional Strengths (Hagstrom, Wilcox)
  • Locating Self: The Power of Personal Reflection in Advising (Reel, Kwon, Ledesma, Vivar)
  • Advancing Your Career: Lessons on Preparation, Risk, Opportunity, Collaboration, and Hard Work (Fong, Hagstrom, Mejia, Gacutan, Miller)

Special Track – Advising Assessment

  • What do Students Gain from Advising? Developing Learning Outcomes for Undergraduate Advising (Watanabe, Wilcox)
  • Using Learning Outcomes to Clarify and Organize Advising Activities (Watanabe)
  • Utilization-focused Approaches to Assessment Design and Advising (Watanabe)