Fall 2016 Advancing Practice Sessions

Fall 2016 Advancing Practice Programs

Full workshop descriptions are available in the Learning Management System. You can enroll in these workshops through BLU.

Special Fall Theme: Handling Change, Disruption, Setback and the Unexpected with Grace, Poise and Dignity

This fall, the first half hour of all Advancing Practice sessions will be spent discussing strategies for helping you maintain your sanity, dignity and enthusiasm for working with students during intense periods of stress and change. We want our programs to do more than educate you, we want them to uplift and re-engage you.

Note to Graduate Advisors – We are working with Graduate Division to offer specially tailored GSAO Advancing Practice sessions this spring. Stay tuned.

August 16th 150 University Hall

9:00-9:30  “Reframing” and “Acceptance” as Coping Mechanisms

9:30-11:00  Not an Easy Place: New Strategies for Helping Anxious Students Cope (Core Competency Area: Relational)

Elizabeth Wilcox, Sr. Consultant for Advising

This workshop was awarded the Best of NACADA Region 9 conference presentation

September 20th   310 Banatao Room, Sutardja Dai Hall

9:00-9:30 Developing a Daily Mindfulness Practice

9:30-11:00  From Submission to Applause: Conference Proposals That Get Accepted (Core Competency Area: Personal)

Abigail Garcia and Elizabeth Wilcox

October 31st  24 University Hall

9:00-9:30 Coping with Change/Tips for Handling Personal Distress

9:30-11:00 Tick Tock - Advising's Role in Accelerating Time to Degree (Core Competency Area: Informational)

Elizabeth Wilcox

November 15th 310 Banatao Room, Sutardja Dai Hall

9:00-9:30 Hope Building

9:30-11:00 The Myth of Pure Form Practice: The Advising Toolbox as Continuum (Core Competency Area: Conceptual)

Richard Freishtat and Elizabeth Wilcox

November 21st 150 University Hall

9:00-9:30 The Importance of Silence and Solitude

9:30-11:00  Playing Favorites: Understanding the Impact of Bias in Advising (Core Competency Area: Personal)

Carina Galicia and Elizabeth Wilcox

December 2nd 150 University Hall

9:00-9:30  Increasing Positive Emotions

9:30-11:00 Delivering Bad News Using SPIKES (Core Competency Area: Relational)

Christopher Hunn and Elizabeth Wilcox