Writing a Statement of Advising Philosophy

Who me? Write a statement of advising philosophy?

Yes! You! It’s easy, fun and totally doable with these fill-in-the blank-prompts!

Writing a statement of advising philosophy can help you create a more thoughtful and committed practice. It can also help you clearly articulate your core values and purpose and make your student interactions more intentional. Though producing this statement can be an important part of your professional development, it can be hard to start writing from scratch. We developed the prompts below to help you put your passion for advising into words.  Also, see NACADA's links to writing philosophy statements.

Share your statement with us for Blue Level Certification in the Advancing Practice program or use it simply to discover more about your own development. Either way, have fun and enjoy the opportunity to reflect; a personal statement can really help you grow!

Statement of Advising Philosophy Prompts