SIS Related Community Huddles

Discussion of the impact of new technologies on advising. Stay tuned for these discussions in the future.

New Forms of Collaboration: Advising and the new Student Information System

Join us for our special series of discussion based Advancing Practice community huddles, designed to help you adapt to, better understand, and leverage the power and potential of our new student information system.  As per usual, sign up for workshops through BLU(link is external)…search under Advancing Practice…

To Query or Not to Query?: From Reactive to Pro-Active Advising
with Jenna Allen

How will the new query function help you more proactively meet student needs?

To Share and Share Alike: The Anatomy of an Awesome Note
with David M. Robinson 

Are you ready to read and write notes in the new shared notes environment?

Hey, Your ____ is showing! New Screens, New Access, New Responsibilities with Silvia Marquez and Julian Ledesma

How should you handle access to new kinds of student information (especially financial)?

Autonomous Planning: The New Pre-populated Academic Planner

with Sharon Mueller, Jane Paris and Susan Cass

What happens to the advising appointment when planning tools change?

Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes…SIS and Changed Student Behaviors and Perceptions of Advising
with Christopher Hunn and Elizabeth Wilcox

What happens to student behavior and perceptions of advising when students have more information and autonomy?