Best Practices for the COVID-19 Era: Paperless Advising in Data Science

Thursday, April 2, 2020 | 10:00 - 11:00 a.m.

When the new Data Science major was approved in 2018, an advising team was brought on board to serve a large and diverse student population with no existing advising services in place. At the onset, the Data Science Advising team made a commitment to capitalize on this opportunity by implementing (and in many cases innovating and streamlining established practices) policies and procedures to better serve new majors. 

By taking advantage of existing tools in Google Suite, we were able to implement fully online procedures without any technical expertise, software development or membership fees. In this online webinar, we will share some of the lessons learned from setting up a paperless office, and walk through how we use Google Suite to manage the following procedures:

  • An online student declaration process for the major and minor, including double majors and simultaneous degrees

  • An online student petition process for course substitution/exception requests

  • An online drop-in advising queue for students to sign up for same-day advising

Please join us and learn how these tools and procedures might work for you in today's virtual advising environment!


  • Laura Imai, Director of Advising 
  • Marjorie Ensor, Advisor 


Data Science Paperless Advising Best Practices Workshop, UCB, April 2, 2020