Building Community and Combating Social Isolation

Monday, March 8, 2021 | 10:00 - 11:00 a.m.

How might we help Berkeley students feel belonging and connection while being physically isolated?  Find out from a panel of Fung Fellows who will share their insights and innovative solutions from their 2020 fall semester Human-Centered Design Challenge addressing student isolation. Brief demonstrations and Q&A will be included

See the Fung Fellows Design Brief for an overview of the students' proposed solutions. Additionally, here is a link to a short video that highlights both the challenge and the students' work. 


  • Adrienne Greer, Program Manager for the Fung Fellowship

Presenters from the Fung Fellows Program

  • Nathan Lee, Political Science
  • Emma Clark, Cognitive Science
  • Mari Costantini, Public Health & Molecular and Cell Biology
  • Pari Srivastava, Public Health
  • Taylor Worley, Molecular and Cell Biology 

Empathy + Tech = Impact!  The Fung Fellowship program provides an immersive undergraduate learning experience that inspires students to be innovators for social good. Students engage in experiential, team-based learning focused on creating digital technology solutions for public health challenges reaching populations that are often excluded from the digital economy. Through project-based curriculum and co-curricular activities, fellows work to address real-world public health challenges by engaging with communities to understand needs and working with industry to develop viable solutions.

Building Community w Virtual Tools Fung Fellows Design Challenge (Advancing Practice) March 8, 2021