Election 2020: Supporting Our Students and Ourselves

Friday, October 30, 2020 | 1:30 - 2:45 p.m.

It is abundantly clear to all of us that this is an election season like no other. In response, Berkeley students are leading efforts to encourage our campus community to register to vote, inform students about the electoral process and choices, and make voting more accessible.  

At the same time, a 2018 study showed that for 25 percent of young adults given a psychological assessment, the 2016 US presidential election caused symptoms often seen in those with post-traumatic stress disorder. Given the stresses of the election on top of the pandemic, economic collapse, wildfires, blatant violent acts of racism, the coming supreme court nomination and more, we can assume that stress and anxiety levels among students are even higher now.

Please join us for this Advancing Practice session to learn more about how students are engaging in our current moment and what campus is doing to prepare for the election and its impact on students. We will reflect together on how we can best support our students and each other during this turbulent time.  

Our panelists will discuss topics such as:

  • Campus protocol for election day and immediate days after the elective
  • Possible impacts the election and surrounding events will have on students’ well-being and academic performance.
  • How we can prepare to offer trauma-informed advising and counseling for students who are impacted by our current state of affairs.
  • The role of community in self-care during these challenging times.
  • Support resources we can familiarize ourselves with in anticipation of the election and beyond.

Moderator: Daniel Choi, Assistant Dean/Director, LEAD Center



Election 2020 (Advancing Practice) October 30, 2020