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Commitment to Continuous Learning

At Berkeley, our approach to supporting students is equity-oriented and strengths-based. We are committed to self-reflection, continuous learning, and mitigating bias in all aspects of our work.

Acquiring, applying, and refining the Foundations of Practice (outlined below) is an ongoing and necessary process to support student success. Continuous learning is at the heart of a mature and sophisticated practice that includes regular reflection and refinement of approaches and methods. These five foundations are designed to help guide your learning and growth. They are at the core of all Advancing Practice workshops, as well as the various other materials available to you on the Advising Strategy + Training Program website. Centering the Foundations of Practice, our team also partnered with Berkeley People & Culture to define a Student Services (Advising) Learning Pathway to offer guidance and suggestions around specific professional development opportunities for our job family.

An understanding of the conceptual and theoretical foundations of advising and student support. An ability to develop equity, inclusion, and belonging practices responsive to student and programmatic needs to promote holistic development and success.

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Read more on the Conceptual Foundation of Practice page!

The ability to employ the interpersonal skills needed to facilitate a student-centered, inclusive, and culturally sensitive advising relationship. The ability to reflect on and adapt one’s practice to improve rapport. An understanding of structural, systemic, and institutional barriers and dynamics at play within the student/advisor partnership.

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  • Equity-Oriented Advising & Coaching Program: New year-long highly-participatory professional development program designed to support our practice as an equity-oriented advisor and coach
  • Advising Fellows: Structured professional development for experienced advising and student services staff
  • Our Community: Learn about your advising and student services colleagues across the campus and build your network

Read more on the Relational Foundation of Practice page!

The ability to engage in regular analysis and assessment of one's advising practice. The ability to employ self-care practices in order to sustain self in people-centered work.

 Start Here: Creating Your Student Services Statement of Philosophy | An Advancing Practice Workbook

Read more about the Personal Foundation of Practice here!

Foundation of Practice: Technological

The ability to employ current and emerging student information systems and tools to effectively support student engagement, progress, and evidence-based decision making.

Start here: Build Your Virtual Toolkit

Read more about the Technological Foundation of Practice here!

The knowledge of institution-specific programs, requirements, policies, procedures, resources, and tools.

Start here: Guidelines for Shared Advising Notes

Read more about the Informational Foundation of Practice here!

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