Advising for Discovery Part 1: Advising Undergraduate Students on their Discovery Journey

Wednesday, March 30, 2022 | 2:00 - 3:00 p.m.

Advisors and student services staff across campus are uniquely positioned to initiate and sustain meaningful conversations with undergraduate students about how to envision and implement discovery projects - immersive experiential learning projects in research, service, the arts, and entrepreneurship. This advising work fits within a campus-wide Discovery Initiative to transform undergraduate education to support all students on a journey of engaged creativity and self-actualization. In this workshop, five advisors will present a framework for how to advise students on their Discovery journeys, including why it matters, when and where to get involved, and how to guide discovery conversations. Participants will walk away with tools and practices for supporting students in exploring their undergraduate path.


  • Sean Burns, Director, Center for Undergraduate Discovery
  • Christine Mullarky, Major Advisor, Psychology
  • Marvin Lopez, Director of Student Programs, Engineering Student Services
  • Christina Galli, Associate Director of Workforce Analysis and Strategic Projects Manager, Recreational Sports
  • Ira Young, Director, SEED Scholars Honors Program, E&I
  • Evelyn Thorne, Creative Discovery Coordinator & Advisor, Discovery Hub / A+D

Advising for Discovery Part 1 Advising Undergraduate Students on their Discovery Journey 1