2024 Cohort Program Overview

This program is designed for UC Berkeley Advising and Student Services Staff from all over campus and will be held in-person and over Zoom.  We are seeking representation from advising and student services staff serving pre-collegiate, undergraduate, graduate professional, and/or visiting students in various departments such as Student Affairs, Equity and Inclusion, Undergraduate Education, Graduate Division, the academic schools and colleges, and more. If space allows, additional staff who are interested in working in student services will also be considered.  

Participants will develop an advising and coaching portfolio which includes an advising and coaching philosophy and practice statement and 1-2 brief reflections per month on their values, program content, and interactions with students. All participants who fulfill all program requirements will receive a Certificate of Completion signed by campus leadership.


  • Application Opens

    • November 27, 2023

  • Application Due Date

    • January 12, 2024 at 5:00 p.m. Note: We will not review submissions after the deadline.

  • Participant Notification

    • February 5, 2024

  • Supervisor Approval for Participants Due Date

    • February 12, 2024

  • Cohort Community Building Opportunities

    • February 21, 2024, 12:30 - 2:00 p.m., in-person (lunch provided)

    • February 29, 2024, 10:00 - 11:00 a.m.  on Zoom

  • Key Dates

    • Training Sessions: March 7, 8, 18 & 19, 2024 (Note: These training sessions may be held via Zoom or in person, based on participant preference and availability)

    • Coaching Circles (Zoom): 

      • April 4 & 18, 2024

      • May 2 & 16, 2024

      • June 6 & 29, 2024

  • Closing Celebration

    • July 9, 2024, 10:00 - 11:30 a.m.

Program Structure

  • 20-25 person cohort model with representation from across campus

  • Two meet-and-greet community building opportunities prior to four day training (optional)

  • Four-day program that introduces different theories, approaches, and frameworks related to the Adaptive Equity-Oriented Pedagogy (AEP) framework. Mix of lectures, facilitated activities, and skills practice

  • Six Coaching Circles, two times per month for three months, to discuss real-time student issues and delve deeper into how each component of the AEP framework shows up in your practice

  • One-on-one coaching opportunities (optional)

  • Completion of an advising philosophy and practice statement and companion program reflection workbook

  • End-of-program celebration!

2024 EOAC Program Team

  • Andrew Estrada Phuong, Assistant Professor, UC San Diego
  • Christopher Hunn, Faculty Lecturer and Director of Undergraduate Instruction in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
  • Colin Gerker-Junsay, Co-Chair, Cal Coaching Network (CCN) and Senior Talent Strategy Partner, People & Organization Development, Berkeley People & Culture
  • Donna Vivar, Former Manager, Advising Strategy + Training
  • Heather Yaden, Learning Specialist, Disabled Students’ Program
  • Isela Peña-Rager, Co-Chair, Cal Coaching Network (CCN); Past Chair, Alianza; and Assistant Director, L&S Office of Undergraduate Advising
  • Judy Nguyen, Co-Principal Investigator of Equity-Oriented Research
  • Katrina Pantig Naval, Learning and Development Strategist; Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB)
  • Liza Schlosser-Olroyd, Interim Coordinator, Advising Strategy + Training Program & Communications Specialist, Research, Teaching, and Learning (RTL)
  • Ying Kuah, Founder, Cal Coaching Network (CCN) and Development Lead, People & Organization Development, Berkeley People & Culture

For Supervisors

For supervisors who want to support professional development and the larger campus vision, the Equity-Oriented Advising and Coaching Program is a no-cost opportunity that allows staff to develop leadership skills, sharpen emotional intelligence, and connect with a cross-campus network. 

Supervisors are encouraged to discuss the program and workload adjustments with their staff. Participation in the program makes an excellent Achieve Together goal. UC Berkeley’s policy on professional development allows exempt employees 10 work days of approved paid release time annually, and non-exempt employees should receive at least 80 hours of approved paid release time annually to participate in campus-sponsored activities See the UC Berkeley Staff Participation in Campus-Sponsored Activities, Including Sponsored Staff Organizations policy as well as the UC Office of the President Policy PPSM-50

Supervisors of program participants will be asked to document their support upon request after the selection process has concluded in early 2024. If you have any questions about your staff’s involvement in the program, please feel free to email advising-strategy-and-training@berkeley.edu.