Professional Development Overview

Our Commitment to Continuous Learning

At Berkeley we believe continuous learning is a key component of advising excellence. We encourage all advisors at every career stage and level to take advantage of the wide range of available professional development opportunities offered on campus and elsewhere and to create a yearly learning plan as part of their goal setting and performance management discussions. We believe the best plans will mix and match formal learning (courses, workshops, conference presentations or attendance etc.) with informal learning activities (accessed on the job through new assignments, conversation, coaching, etc.) and that both passive (listening, reading, attending, watching) and active learning (discussing, practicing, teaching) should be blended for maximum impact.

See below descriptions of and resources for a wide variety of both formal and informal learning strategies and platforms.

Informal Learning

Take 5 

Advising Matters – The Advancing Practice Library 

Wisdom Café

Project Based Learning and other informal learning strategies

Think you’re not learning every day? Hall way conversations, reading blog posts, listening to podcasts, reviewing websites, coaching or being coached or mentored, and learning through stretch assignments and new projects are some of the most powerful learning opportunities you have. Maximize them! 

Leadership Opportunities

Involvement in committee work, conferences and special events, professional organizations, communities of practice, special projects, and coaching, are opportunities for developing leadership skills. See below a sampling of leadership opportunities and resources.

UCAAC Conference 2016 (Hosted by UCB) Stay Tuned for volunteer opportunities

The NACADA Emerging Leaders Program

Advising Administrator Resource Links

Succeeding in the Move from Advisor to Advising Administrator, Robert Detwiler & Wiona Porath

The Benefits of Affiliation with a Professional Organization

There are many benefits that come with affiliation with a professional organization. For about the price of a yearly magazine subscription, you get many of the following awesome benefits.

Social Benefits

  • Increased Opportunities for Networking
  • Access to Mentoring Opportunities
  • Professional Support and Friendship
  • Increased Opportunities for Personal, Professional and Cross-Organization Collaboration 


  • Access to New Educational Opportunities, and Cutting Edge Research, Scholarship and Resources
  • Access to Important Journals and other Publications
  • Exposure to New Ideas
  • Access to Conferences and the huge number and variety of conference presentations
  • Access to Scholarships and Grants


  • Activism, Change and Thought Leadership
  • Professional Directories
  • The Opportunity to Engage in Important Committee work and Interest Groups
  • Inspiration

Career Advancement and Recognition

  • Access to Awards and Recognition
  • Access to Degree Programs and Certification
  • Access to Institutes and other Advanced Learning Opportunities
  • Employment and Career Opportunities
  • Validation, Credibility, Exposure!