Racism Isn’t Rocket Science — It’s More Complicated (with American Cultures)

Monday, December 6, 2021 | 10:00 - 11:00 a.m.

Thirty years ago, Professor Bill Simmons (architect of the American Cultures/AC requirement at UC Berkeley) asked “what could be so important? He was rhetorically positioning the teaching, learning and reflections on race in American life, at the heart of what would become the AC requirement (the only campus graduation requirement). Today, that same question still holds significance, and increasingly is the subject of intense debate from city hall, to governor’s mansions, to school boards. What is “up” with this debate, how might we consider UC Berkeley's efforts to support such conversations, with the AC cCurriculum and other programs on campus? 

antmen pimentel mendoza and Victoria Robinson will provide some framework for reflection on these questions and also provide exciting updates on the AC curriculum, new courses and directions for what Chancellor Carol Christ recently stated was “the soul of UC Berkeley - the AC curriculum”.

  • The historical significance and current importance of the AC Requirement, 

  • An update on AC curriculum offerings and programs,  

  • Resources on everything from helping students to choose an AC course to how to receive assistance while taking one


  • Victoria Robinson, Director of the American Cultures Center and faculty at the Department of Ethnic Studies

  • Doug Parada, Program Associate for the American Cultures Center

  • antmen pimental mendoza, Assistant Director of Cross Cultural Student Development, Multicultural Community Center

Racism isn't rocket science - It's More Complicated (Advancing Practice & American Cultures)