Shared Advising Notes

Monday, March 15, 2021 | 2:00 - 4:30 p.m.

This in-depth session is for advising and student services staff throughout campus who use shared electronic advising notes, with a particular focus on Berkeley Online Advising (BOA). Topics will include:

Part I: Updates and Best Practices (2:00-3:30)

  1. Updates from the Berkeley Online Advising (BOA) team

  2. A panel discussion with BOA users

  3. Updated guidance on what makes a good shared advising note, how to best handle sensitive information, etc.

  4. Q&A with Campus Council David Robinson

Part II: Student Case Studies: What Makes an Effective Note? (3:30-4:30)

  1. Practice writing effective notes in a scenario-based small group discussion.

Panelists and Presenters 

  1. Steven Williams, BOA Service Lead

  2. David Robinson, Chief Campus Council

  3. Sharon Mueller, Director of Advising and Policy, Engineering Student Services
  4. Derek Van Rheenen, Executive Director, Athletic Study Center

  5. Alicia Mandac, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Student Services, Department of Economics

  6. Tim Cahill, College Advisor, Letters and Science Advising

  7. Julian Ledesma, Executive Director, Centers for Educational Equity and Excellence

  8. Susan Hagstrom, Manager of Advising Strategy and Training

Advising Core Competencies: Informational, Technological

Part I of this session will be recorded. 


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