Who Are the People In Your Neighborhood? Azadeh Zohrabi & Patrick Naranjo

Monday, October 26, 2020 | 3:00 - 4:00 p.m.

This month's student services community interview features Azadeh Zohrabi, Director of the Underground Scholars, and Patrick Naranjo, Director of the American Indian Graduate Program

Born into a lineage of activists and demonstrators, Azadeh Zohrabi is a natural leader who understands the intergenerational impacts of imprisonment and has a deep conviction to advocate for the underdog. With extensive experience in public policy, leadership development, community organizing, and management, she is devoted to criminal justice reform and policymaking, finding alternatives to incarceration, and supporting formerly incarcerated leaders into new lives within their communities. She is currently the Director of the Underground Scholars at UC Berkeley—a program that provides recruitment, retention, and advocacy support to incarcerated and formerly incarcerated students.

Patrick V. Naranjo is an active tribal member of the Santa Clara Pueblo and holds an M.A. from UCLA in American Indian Studies with an emphasis on contemporary tribal cultural property protections. His intentions are to break the historical barriers that are associated with Native students—so that a new generation can see themselves (fully) succeeding in prestigious institutions of higher education, working on Native-specific research. He is currently at UC Berkeley as the Director of the American Indian Graduate Program

Join our Berkeley advising and student services community and get know one another better! Each month we will host a dynamic duo via an "Inside the Actor's Studio" style interview. The exchange will cover personal background, work, and information about each staff member's unit. It's like a fireside chat or a networking lunch. Without the fire and food, but holding the warmth. The session was moderated by Tim Cahill and Cassandra Dunn.


Who Are the People? Azadeh Zohrabi and Patrick Naranjo (Advancing Practice) 10 26 20