Who are the people in your neighborhood? Dewey St. Germaine & Laura Jimenez-Olvera

Thursday, April 29, 2021 | 4:00 - 5:00 p.m.

This month's student services community interview features Dewey St Germaine and Laura Jimenez-Olvera.

Dewey St. Germaine 

Dewey St. Germaine is currently an undergraduate major advisor in the Department of Ethnic Studies. In addition to advising duties, he is also a course scheduler. He has been working at U.C. Berkeley for 27 1/2 years and in Ethnic Studies for the last 23 years. It took him 6 years but he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from U.C. Santa Barbara in 1992 (Go Gauchos!). Dewey was born in Oakland and raised in Alameda where he still resides. He is a big sports fan and his favorite teams are the: Oakland A's, Golden State Warriors and of course the Cal Bears. He used to be a fan of the Oakland Raiders until they moved to Las Vegas! He is married and the father of an 8-year daughter.

Laura Jimenez-Olvera

Laura Jimenez-Olvera is an adviser/academic counselor in the department of Ethnic Studies. She was born in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico.  Her family immigrated to San Francisco when she was 11 years old and later relocated to the East Bay.  Laura attended middle school and high school in Oakland and went on to UC Berkeley, where she graduated with a double major in Psychology and Chicano Studies.  After graduating from Cal, Laura joined UCB’s Upward Bound Program as Academic Counselor, Counseling Coordinator, and Head Women’s Counselor. Her three years as a counselor in Upward Bound reinforced her interest in working with students, so she applied to SFSU’s Counseling Program and earned an MS in College and Career Counseling. After earning her master’s degree, Laura returned to Berkeley, where she was hired as an EOP counselor and eventually moved her way to the Department of Ethnic Studies to become an undergraduate adviser. Laura is also a part-time counselor and instructor at Chabot College and feels incredibly fortunate to bridge community college students to the UC system. This year Laura will reach 28 years working at Cal, so it’s safe to say that she’s a certified Golden Bear! Laura loves going on long hikes with her husband and two sons. Yoga, meditation, and reading help her stay centered and sane!

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Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood ft. Dewey St Germaine and Laura Jimenez Olvera 04.28.2021