Who Are the People In Your Neighborhood? featuring Takiyah Jackson & Cristóbal Olivares

Thursday, September 24, 2020 | 10:00 -11:00 a.m.

This month's student services community interview features Takiyah Jackson and Cristóbal Olivares. 

Takiyah Jackson is the Director of African-American Student Development and the Fannie Lou Hamer Black Resource Center at UC Berkeley.  She also leads the African American Initiative Committees at UC Berkeley. Takiyah works with campus leadership to look at transformative strategies using an equity, inclusion and belonging lens.  As the leader of the Black Community on campus, Takiyah works with departments and programs across campus to ensure that belonging is threaded throughout the institution for Black people.  She also serves on numerous campus committees aimed at improving and transforming the campus culture and climate.  

Cristóbal Olivares has worked at University Health Services, New Student Services, the Student Learning Center, and presently Student Affairs IT. His work is grounded in connecting students at points of transition with critical resources for success, with a particular eye toward underserved and marginalized students. After entering Cal in 1987, he took a long gap before returning in 2005 as a re-entry student to complete his degree in Sociology. He is a passionate traveler who loves Berkeley but can't wait to retire so he can travel full-time.

Join our Berkeley advising and student services community and get know one another better! Each month we will host a dynamic duo via an "Inside the Actor's Studio" style interview. The exchange will cover personal background, work, and information about each staff member's unit. It's like a fireside chat or a networking lunch. Without the fire and food, but holding the warmth. The session will be moderated by Tim Cahill and Cassandra Dunn.

Who are the People in Your Neighborhood? Takiyah Jackson and Cristobal Olivares Sept 24, 2020