Who Are the People In Your Neighborhood? Heidi Yu & Tomie Lenear

Tuesday, May 12, 2020 | 2:00 - 3:00 p.m.

Our inaugural student services community interview features Heidi Yu, Career Center, and Tomie Lenear, Student Parent Center, who will interview each other.

Tomie Lenear is the Program Coordinator for the Student Parent Center, serving our community of students who are also parents, of which he is a class of 2014 alum. Born and raised in Oakland Ca he channeled his childhood challenges towards Bay Area Hip Hop culture and media, before entering Cal. From an on-air personality with several popular media outlets, to independent recording artist (formerly of The Coup) his breakout moment came when he joined controversial political rap record label Guerrilla Funk Recordings, under the stage name T - K.A.S.H. After a sobering 08' economic recession, he reverted back to a life that prioritizes faith, fatherhood, and the value of a college education. Between his current role and his time as an undergraduate, Tomie has been at UC Berkeley for almost a decade. 

Heidi Yu is part of the L&S Career Counseling Team at the Career Center, and she is excited to work with L&S students because she remembers being an English Literature major from Barnard who had no clue what to do with her degree. After a winding path of temp jobs, teaching abroad in Korea, getting an MSW degree, and working in nonprofits and higher education, Heidi decided to make the leap to move to the West Coast to grow as a person and professional and feels fortunate to land roles first at Portland State University, then at San Francisco State University, and finally at UC Berkeley. 

Join our Berkeley advising and student services community and get know one another better! Each month we will host a dynamic duo via an "Inside the Actor's Studio" style interview. The exchange will cover personal background, work, and information about each staff member's unit. It's like a fireside chat or a networking lunch. Without the fire and food, but holding the warmth.


Advancing Practice Tomie Lenear and Heidi Yu Interviews