Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood? Shirley Ly & David Vera

Thursday, June 18, 10-11am

This month's student services community interview features Shirley Ly (Student Learning Center) and David Vera (Financial Aid Office). 

Shirley Ly is a Science Program Coordinator at the Student Learning Center. After earning her B.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from UC Davis, Shirley served in healthcare, biotech, and higher education. In 2017, she joined the SLC team at UC Berkeley, where she channels her passions for science and learning every day to enrich the community of budding scientists at Cal. Shirley is pursuing an M.Ed. in Science Curriculum and Instruction while working full time.

David Vera has been at Cal since 2013. David started his higher education career as a work-study student in 2005 and became a full-time financial aid counselor in 2008. Although he has a bachelor's in child development, David decided to pursue a master’s degree in higher education administration at Santa Clara University. Last year, David earned a doctoral degree in higher ed leadership and hopes that one day he will become a director in financial aid or student services.

Join our Berkeley advising and student services community and get know one another better! Each month we will host a dynamic duo via an "Inside the Actor's Studio(link is external)(link is external)(link is external)" style interview. The exchange will cover personal background, work, and information about each staff member's unit. It's like a fireside chat or a networking lunch. Without the fire and food, but holding the warmth. The session will be moderated by Tim Cahill and Cassandra Dunn.

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