Development & Implementation Team

  • Andrew Estrada Phuong, Chancellor's Fellow, Consultant, Program Developer, and Former Head Graduate Student Instructor for Computer Science 370 and 375, PhD candidate in the Graduate School of Education
  • Christopher Hunn, Faculty Lecturer and Director of Undergraduate Instruction in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
  • Colin Gerker-Junsay, Co-Chair, Cal Coaching Network (CCN) and Consultant, Organization Development & Learning Design, People & Organization Development, Berkeley People & Culture
  • Denzil Streete, Chief of Staff & Assistant Dean for Diversity, Graduate Division
  • Donna Vivar, Strategic Initiatives Manager, Centers for Educational Equity & Excellence (CE3)
  • Fabrizio D. Mejia, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Division of Equity and Inclusion
  • Heather Yaden, Learning Specialist, Disabled Students’ Program
  • Isela Peña-Rager, Co-Chair, Cal Coaching Network (CCN) and Assistant Director, L&S Office of Undergraduate Advising
  • Jimmy VoLab Safety Specialist, Office of Environment, Health & Safety
  • Judy Nguyen, Stanford Education PhD student in the Developmental and Psychological Sciences Program with a cross-specialization in Learning Sciences and Technology Design. BA in Psychology from UC Berkeley; Master’s degree in Technology, Innovation, and Education from Harvard. 
  • Katrina Pantig, Learning and Development Strategist; Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB)
  • Layla Naranjo, Senior Advisor on Equity and Belonging, Division of Student Affairs
  • Liza Schlosser-Olroyd, Communications Specialist, Research, Teaching, and Learning (RTL)
  • Sunny Lee, Dean of Students, Division of Student Affairs
  • Susan Hagstrom, Manager of Advising Strategy and Training
  • Syrhonda Calhoun, Events & Office Support Coordinator, Research, Teaching, and Learning (RTL)
  • Ying Kuah, Founder, Cal Coaching Network (CCN) and Training Lead, People & Organization Development, People & Culture

EOAC would not be possible without the contributions of these dedicated scholars, administrators, and practitioners from across campus. Titles and departments reflect members of the development & implementation team positions at the time of EOAC’s initial development.