Mary Slakey Howell Excellence in Advising and Student Services Award

Mary Slakey Howell 1962-2017

The Mary Slakey Howell award for advising excellence is UC Berkeley's highest advising award. It recognizes visionary leadership and exceptional contributions and dedication to the advising community. Mary Howell was a Berkeley alum, front-line advisor, and Director of Student Advising and Policy at the College of Engineering and she dedicated herself to Cal, a place she loved and took pride in representing. Throughout her career she distinguished herself as a knowledgeable advisor, policy analyst, trainer, program developer, and director of advising programs, demonstrating an exceptional understanding of Berkeley’s people, policies, places, and complex practices. Most importantly she put student wellbeing and progress first. The many student testimonials at her retirement party told volumes about the lasting impact her care and individual attention has had on the lives of the many lucky students she advised, coached, challenged and supported. This award is a loving tribute to all she accomplished and contributed to making UC Berkeley a better place for students, advisors and the entire campus community.

Recipients of the Mary Slakey Howell Award

2023       | Diana Lizarraga

2020-21 | Kasra Sotudeh and Leah Carroll 

2019       | Elizabeth Wilcox and La Shana Porlaris

2018       | Barbara Felkins and Kay Burns

2017       | Susan Hagstrom and Sharon Mueller

2016       | Fabrizio Mejia and Julian Ledesma

Mary Howell Student Messages

Mary Howell Student Messages

Remembering Mary's impact: This video was originally presented at Mary's retirement celebration in 2017, and was created by Laura Vogt.