Excellence in Advising 2017 Recipients

2017 Excellence in Advising Award Recipients

Service to the Advising Community

  • Emma Strong, Fall Program for Freshman
  • Amy Griggs Veramay and Amy Azuma, Berkeley International Office
  • Hannah Frankel and Tran Ha, Central Evaluation Unit

Peer Advisor

  • Margaux Payton, Global Poverty and Practice

New Advisors

  • Rhommel Canare, College of Environmental Design
  • Catherine Bouvier Dang, College of Chemistry
  • Valerie Castelo, Berkeley Law


  • Chetan Chowdhry, Global Poverty and Practice
  • Lauri LaPointe, Legal Studies
  • Joy Ahn, Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership

On the Spot Award Recipient

  • Christine Tobolski

Team Awards

EECS Undergraduate Advising Team

  • Cindy Connors
  • Charlene Hughes
  • Carol Marshall
  • Nicole McIntyre
  • Andrea Mejia Valencia
  • Lydia Raya
  • Michael-David Sasson
  • Lily Zhang

College of Chemistry

  • Maura Daly
  • Shamaya Pellum
  • Catherine Bouvier Dang
  • Sanjeev Chahal

Cal Student Central

  • Miguel Avila
  • Javonne Byrd
  • Alexandreia Williams
  • Sully Diaz
  • Isaura Linares
  • Genaro Olivares
  • Mark Manno
  • Kisha Evans
  • Chelsea Yost
  • Marisela Loza

Dean and Faculty Advisors

  • Keith Gilless, College of Natural Resources 
  • Claire Tomlin, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Kris Pister, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Our Highest Award, The Mary Slakey Howell Excellence in Advising Award

  • Susan Hagstrom, College of Environmental Design
  • Sharon Mueller, Engineering Student Services